Passion To Profit

Growing up, we were brought up to a tenuous beat that went ‘get good grades so you get a good job’. We all have a penchant for something…. our passion could lie in music, writing, photography, craft, handcraft. One size doesn’t fit all. We all get our career fulfilment doing different things.

Oftentimes than not your 9 to 5 job won’t afford you the opportunity to practice this interest. Here are tell tale signs to look out for to know you are not cut out for a 9 to 5 job;

  • You feel confined to a cubicle.
  • You resent being told what to do.
  • You detest a regimented life.
  • You don’t believe in rules. No, not like a rebel-without-a-cause. You just want to figure it out on your own instead of going by what people tell you. You’re here to make your own way.

While some professionals have managed to run a side business while maintaining their integrity in a nine-to-five job, such a setup might have little potential for long-term success. Whether you’ve come up with a new idea or you’re interested in scaling up one that’s already there, eventually you’ll need to quit your job to nurture your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

However, too many people have become obsessed with an idea and quit their jobs impulsively only to find their potential business isn’t as strong as they thought it would be.      

 Just before you take that plunge (leaving your paid job to follow your passion) be sure to take these steps:

  • Be willing to step out of your comfort zone- The bumpy road to profitability requires patience…be prepared for bad days and remember tough days don’t last, tough people do. You are in control of your destiny
  • Make sure your idea is feasible- Billions of ideas are born every day, but not every idea is a good idea, and unfortunately, not every good idea is a feasible idea. You can have a brilliant idea to solve a problem in an innovative way…but if this idea cannot be effected efficiently or if the market is not ready then this idea cannot come to fruition.
  • Market research- Pursuing a passion without research is like driving with your eyes closed…. market research helps you to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought.
  • Make sure there is a market for this product or service – If your passion does not satisfy a need in the market, truth be told you are not going to make a living from your passion. Make sure you create value from your business idea- If you want to make profit from what you do, you need to create value for other people.
  • Count the cost- You have to pay the price towards this. You will discover that everything in life exacts a price and you will have to decide whether the price is worth the prize…. try not to pay too big a price pursuing an idea with a minimal value.
  • There are no shortcuts to success – In the pursuit of your passion, hard work isn’t an option. It is a necessity…. if you want to climb a mountain, don’t look for the stairs. There is no bypass to any place worth going.
  • Be willing to start small to grow big – Do not neglect the days of small beginnings…. there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs
  • Have a strategy to penetrate the market – A clear strategy is essential to the fruition of your passion. This should include your personal goal, income target and timeline.
  • Make sure your passion is financially rewarding- While many people dream of quitting their job to pursue a passion, doing so without any means of survival is a bit like base jumping without a parachute.
  • Do not burn bridges – Is it worth exploring a potential ongoing relationship with your current employer? Just because you hate your current situation doesn’t mean you should burn that bridge, particularly if you’re moving into another related industry.
  • Create a personal brand profile – Having a brand profile will help you make the most aligned decisions. This will help your brand stand out among others.

Now that you have a resolution to follow your passion; this means having a sense of freedom and making your own decisions. Be aware that although entrepreneurship may seem exciting the route from corporate team player to pacesetter isn’t an easy one especially when you have enjoyed the cushy benefits of Company life. Be willing to pay the price…for anything worth having, you must pay the price. Paying the price requires work, patience, love and self-sacrifice.

At Kimberly Ryan, you have access to mentors and career buddies who will guide you through this phase. We understand just what it feels like to be leaving your paid job to become an entrepreneur. We offer advice to ensure you navigate through seamlessly.

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