Employee Reward and Strategy

Still in line with the belief that your people are your greatest asset, we also preach a competitive reward system. It is important to note that the right reward system can sustain and improve employee performance.

The people are behind the productivity of your business. It is our responsibility to find out what is behind the people that can propel them to give their all to ensure business success. Over the years, we have come across clients that have built the wrong perception that monetary reward is the start and end to what drives employees. Recent economic factors have also played a part in restricting employers focus on compensation – a fact we do not ignore. However, our data and experience, especially in the recent economic changes, have shown clients that we are able to plan your workforce compensation and benefits packages to create a satisfied workforce.

The rationale behind our Employee Reward Strategy is simple – effective and in alignment with your business objectives, yet plain enough for administration by your HR and acceptable and pleasing to your employees.

Our Employee Reward & Strategy helps our clients in the following areas:

  • Competitive salaries and incentive packages across board to help with retention of your talent.
  • Build an effective and sustainable reward and recognition strategy that can develop motivation and engagement of your talent.
  • Build and plan career paths for your talent to improve employee motivation.
  • In-depth Job Evaluation Analysis.
  • Internal Pay Equity Analysis.
  • Performance appraisal systems
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