Talent Management

Industry Compensation Research

Industry Compensation Research

Over the years, we have been able to amass partnerships and relationships with thousands of companies in Africa. This has broadened our portfolio on salaries and compensation data across various sectors and industries.

Our role coverage spans between executive and core staff to business …

Employee Reward and Strategy

Employee Reward and Strategy

Still in line with the belief that your people are your greatest asset, we also preach a competitive reward system. It is important to note that the right reward system can sustain and improve employee performance.

The people are behind the productivity of your business.

performance management

Performance Management and Improvement

At Kimberly Ryan, we believe that Performance Management should address the performance of your employees and drive them to want to do better.

We also believe in a fair and objective means of measuring performance of…


E-Learning and Development

At Kimberly Ryan, we offer a portfolio of learning solutions that are focused on ensuring your employees can harness their technical skills, behaviours and positive attitude towards work. Our aim is to develop and build employees through structured and in-depth learning that will be beneficial at …

talent motivation

Talent Profiling and Assessments

At Kimberly Ryan, we understand the need for continuity. We ensure your business starts the grooming of the talent needed tomorrow from today. We involve the Senior Management by understanding the future objectives of the business, talent needed tomorrow from today.

office motivation

Talent Motivation

At Kimberly Ryan, we understand the direct link between employee motivation and employee performance and ultimately overall business performance. Our experts deliver bespoke services on Talent Motivation based on the circumstances and issues surrounding the climate of the organisation.

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